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     Relocation Management Companies

Successful Marketing of Inventory Properties in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Our team includes maintenance, landscaping, and property improvement specialists who provide quick and cost-effective repairs so properties look their best ensuring quick sales at the highest prices. We also have over 20 years of relocation management experience as consultants and counselors and understand exactly what is necessary to effectively sell a house and to make sure the proper paperwork is completed in a timely and complete manner.

Inspections of Inventory Properties Throughout the West

If you are too busy to get out and inspect inventory properties, you can use our extensive experience to travel to the property location to evaluate reasons that a home has come into inventory and to make concrete suggestions on what can be done to sell the property as quickly as possible.

Departure Services

We can assist your relocating transferee in effectively marketing their home using our extensive knowledge of relocation policies, our personal contacts with senior human resource or relocation managers at nearly every major corporation based in Northern California and our expertise in making sure that all relocation documentation is completed correctly and promptly.

Destination Services

Your relocating transferee deserves the services of a real estate broker who has experienced relocation firsthand, has experience in working with third-party companies to make sure the family purchases the right house at the right price, and understands the relocation policies under which they are working.

     Consumer Services

Independent consulting services for transferring individuals and their families

Many things change between the times that a family relocates for a corporation. Policies change; employers change; families change; benefits change. The average corporate relocation costs tens of thousands of dollars. Most families that relocate either do not understand or do not have or make the time to study the relocation policy so they can receive the maximum benefit. Our experience will typically save the employee several hundred to several thousand dollars in their relocation

Residential Real Estate Brokerage Services

The paperwork that is involved in a corporate relocation requires tremendous work. The coordination with the relocation management company or the employer is quite intricate and involves both timely and careful work. We can expedite the transaction by knowing who to call and with what information rather than having to ask others what to do

Personal referrals to outstanding agents all over the country

In our 25 years in this industry, we have established personal relationships with experienced agents in all fifty states and abroad. Most agents can look in a real estate directory and make a referral. Our referral comes with the personal knowledge that the company and agent you will work with understands relocation and has the experience and communication skills to ensure that the new home and community will truly be the one for you.

     Real Estate Professionals

Outsourced Relocation Departments for companies that want to expand their relocation business

There are many outstanding real estate companies that have large market share in small communities but do not have the time to market their services to relocation management firms or corporations. Our 25 years of experience allows us to make use of our long standing personal relationships to help establish successful business opportunities

Agent training and consulting services for independent firms

The relocation industry changes daily with the new addendums, listing agreements, and referral agreements that must be properly structured. We can help both the newer and experienced agent stay on top of industry trends and specific requirements necessary to conduct corporate business

Consulting services for agents who want to make a relocation specialist available to their clients and customers

Many agents would like to have more corporate relocation business. However, they are busy selling condominiums or small-income properties or working with people moving locally. They are not always prepared to properly respond to the corporate relocation opportunity that may come along. We can be a part of that agent’s team when they are pursuing a listing or want to make available to their client, someone who knows the insides and outsides of corporate relocation policies and benefits.


Assistance in the administration of in-house relocation programs with policy consulting

We have many years of working with small and large companies in creating relocation policies that are cost-effective as well as benchmarking existing policies to make sure they are up-to-date and competitive in today’s market.

Departure and destination services including the marketing and evaluating of properties and assistance in helping employees purchase at their new location.

Many companies have found that their needs are too infrequent for larger relocation companies to have interest. We specialize in providing experienced professionals to assist your valued employee in their relocation.

Temporary housing

We have established relationships on a national basis with several temporary living providers to make sure your employee finds the right temporary accommodations and very competitive rates prior to making their final relocation.

Household goods move management

As an independent firm, we can make sure that your employee receives first-class treatment at great rates when they move their family belongings

Mortgage services

The needs of the corporate transferee in finding the right mortgage are significantly different from those who are moving locally. Is it best to get a fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable one? How do they avoid pre-payment penalties and junk fees? We counsel your employee on all of the options that would work best in their own situation.

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