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Distinction in Relocation

"If you are needing first class service for a relocation professional and their family moving into the Bay Area, look no further than Conrad Bassett. His knowledge of the East Bay Area and surrounding communities is second to none. Being a broker/owner allows him all the flexibility to customize a service to fit your client or program needs. I have worked with Conrad for the last 16 years and he continues to provide exemplary service day in and day out."

Brian Potts, Senior Vice President, Pacific Region
Altair Global Relocation
Walnut Creek, CA


"We met Conrad when we began what became a year-long search for a home (due to the limited supply in our target neighborhoods). Being new to the area, we found him to be very knowledgeable regarding the cities we were searching as well as the nuances of various neighborhoods. Not once did he rush the process nor stop his information-gathering; he took care to point out legitimate pros AND cons of each property. In the end, we always appreciated the fact that Conrad was looking out for our best interests. And even after we moved into our new home, Conrad was willing to connect us with his extensive network of industry contacts through which we have been able to find the right designer, architect and contractor help us with renovations. He also provided references to other great realtors through his extensive network of connections to help our parents, who were also looking for a home in unfamiliar territory but had a language barrier. We have nothing but the best and highest regard for Conrad as an individual and as a broker, and we are but two of many Conrad fans."

Sandra Mun and Oliver Chuang


"After flying out, my husband and I (along with three children aged 10 & under) made an offer on a house on the third (and final) day of the company’s “house hunting” trip. We have greatly benefitted from Conrad’s easy mannerism, experience, knowledge, intuition and professionalism. Today, 7 months later, after moving from one coast to the other, we simply have no regrets."

Melinda Kawashima

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